Algarve to manage Allgarve

The decision making process for the next Allgarve events programme will be held in Faro, according to the Algarve tourism board, ERTA.

For 2010, the ERTA could have a team dedicated to the organisation of the fourth edition of the Allgarve programme, based in Faro instead of Lisbon, where it has been previously.

According to ERTA President Nuno Aires, the programme will still be coordinated with the national tourism board, but will include regional cultural organisers and agents.

All 16 regional Câmaras will also be more involved in the next edition of Allgarve, which will include annual events previously listed in the programme as well as the possible creation of new events.

“We want to go beyond just summer events and increase the number of shows at other times of the year,” said Nuno Aires.

For 2010, Allgarve will have a three million euro budget supplied by the national tourist board, as well as a further 800,000 euros from the ERTA budget, private funds and funds from sporting events.