Algarve to headline at another major tourism fair in Lisbon

The Algarve has been announced as the “special guest” of Feira Mundo Abreu, another major tourism fair that attracts as many as 120,000 people and takes place in Lisbon next weekend (April 9-10) at the FIL arena.

The region’s 700sqm stand, complete with a reception desk and lounge area, will be located in the centre of the arena.

In a statement, the regional tourism board (RTA) said it expects its presence at Feira Mundo Abreu will help “boost reservations” for the rest of the year.

The news comes after the Algarve headlined at BTL (Bolsa de Turismo de Lisboa) – considered to be Portugal’s largest tourism fair – at the beginning of March.

As the Resident reported this week, the Algarve is expecting “all-around growth” in 2016 with more tourists, more people buying houses and renting homes and fewer hotels closing for the winter. click here