Algarve steel works branch out

Algarve Steelworks, founded in 1997 by Stephen Clarke has opened Algarve SteelBuild, the agency for Termo Steel in the Algarve. Based in Boliqueime, the company has completed hundreds of projects across the Algarve and has now launched its new programme of Termo Steel house construction.

This represents a revolutionary construction system that builds residential and commercial projects using light gauge galvanised steel for the structure. It is not just a building system – Termo Steel is about the pursuit of a simple idea that until now has been unattainable for many people. European tradition assumes that concrete and brick should be used for all types of construction. This is usually due to lack of knowledge about the advantages and characteristics of other construction methods and materials, even when, in some cases, the traditional materials have proven to be less than perfect. Steel structures, on the other hand, possess various advantages that actually make them appropriate for any type of construction, while at the same time eliminating many of the problems related to traditional methods.

In traditional construction, the brick walls have no support function and concrete pillars and beams that are reinforced with steel are used to provide support for the structure. However, the Termo Steel system uses the walls themselves as the structure and support for the building, with no need to use pillars or columns. The concept is simple – each structural piece, from the floor beams to the roof trusses, is vertically and horizontally aligned and spaced evenly throughout the structure and then fastened together with galvanised screws, which makes a cage effect. This allows much more architectural creativity and simplifies the whole construction process immensely.

After the extraordinary success of the Termo Steel system using light gauge steel in the US, Canada, the UK and many other countries, Algarve Steelworks, incorporating Algarve SteelBuild, are proud to offer this technological innovation to Southern Portugal. The benefits are endless, so if you would like to know more about this innovative form of house construction visit or call 289 366 071.