Algarve stadium music

After the first major football match is played at the new Algarve stadium, namely the England versus Portugal friendly on February 18, the sports ground will be the scene for an Easter spectacular, which will include a performance by a major singer. Although the president of Loulé Câmara, Seruca Emídio, has not confirmed the name of the singer, it is believed to be that of Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz (left). “I cannot confirm this possibility, but what I can say is that it will be a foreign name,” he revealed.

Meanwhile, the president of the association of Algarve local authorities, Macário Correia, described the new stadium as “a magnificent scene”. But he stressed that he hoped the hospital, conference centre and golf courses, that were initially planned to surround the stadium, would soon follow, “because the Parque das Cidades zone is a major development factor in the region”.

Correia opposed the construction of the stadium from the outset and, in spite of his approval of the new arena, his stance remains unchanged. “Our position is the same: this stadium resulted from a decision taken by two local authorities and not by all 16 members.” Fernando Santos, the person responsible for the ongoing Parque das Cidades project, has confirmed that construction of the conference centre would be a key objective during the forthcoming year.