Alexandra Barros Skater of the Year (female) - Photo: Horácio Paciencia

Algarve Skate Awards showcase best of skateboarding in Algarve

Panel of Regional Skateboarding Associations and Movements announces winners

The second edition of the Algarve Skate Awards was held at the Art Haus Club in Faro on December 15, highlighting the best of skateboarding in the region, as voted by a panel made up of associations and movements from across the Algarve.

Viriato Villas-Boas, Skater of the Year (male) – Photo Horácio Paciencia

The Algarve Skate Awards is promoted by the WallRide Association, with the support of the Núcleo de Skate de Portimão, C/S 8125 (Quarteira), Lagos Skate Culture, and Skate Xpert (Albufeira).

Established with the purpose of promoting and recognizing the value of skateboarding in the Algarve, the awards cover various categories, from Skater of the Year to Association/Movement of the Year.

Photo of the Year – André Meleiro

The categories and evaluation criteria included:

  • Skater of the Year: Published skate content, involvement with the community, contribution to the local and regional skate scene.
  • Videopart of the Year: Editing quality, filming, creativity, complexity of tricks, and overall aesthetics.
  • Trick of the Year: Difficulty/complexity of the trick, execution, and originality.
  • Fall of the Year: Special recognition.
  • Photo of the Year: Aesthetics, framing, timing, quality, and originality.
  • Shop of the Year: Involvement with the community, skate team, support and promotion of events, and the elevation of skateboarding.
  • Association/Movement of the Year: Positive and lasting impact on skateboarding and society in general, events, community support, facility rehabilitation, and creating conditions for practice.
  • Rookie of the Year: Highlighting skaters who have stood out in a short time.

The results of this year’s edition were as follows:


  • Skater of the Year: Alexandra Barros [Faro]
  • Videopart of the Year: Alexandra Barros [Faro]
  • Trick of the Year: Sofia Boragine [Faro]
  • Fall of the Year: Heidi Monteiro [Olhão]
  • Rookie of the Year: Sofia Boragine [Faro]


  • Skater of the Year: Viriato Villas-Boas [Faro]
  • Videopart of the Year: Viriato Villas-Boas [Faro]
  • Trick of the Year: Marcos Siqueira [Portimão]
  • Fall of the Year: Daniel Peres [Lagos]
  • Rookie of the Year: Gabi Gaignard [Lagos]


  • Photo of the Year: André Meleiro [Lagos]
  • Shop of the Year: Goodtimes Skateshop [Lagos]
  • Association/Movement of the Year: WallRide [Faro]
Sofia Boragine, Rookie of the Year – Photo Frederico Cardoso

The organizers thanked all those contributing to skateboarding and their communities, calling for a 2024 with more skateboarding, continuous effort, and recognition of the Algarve as a crucial region for the national skate culture and beyond.

The ceremony concluded with performances by the bands MEDO and Devil in Me, emphasizing the strong connection that skateboarding maintains with various urban and artistic cultures.

The event had the support of Saudade Tattoo Quarteira, Skate Deluxe, and GoodTimes Skateshop.