Algarve sees “exponential increase” in hospitalisations due to Covid-19

The number of people being hospitalised due to Covid-19 in the Algarve is “growing exponentially,” the Algarve University Hospital Centre’s administration board boss said on Wednesday.

Forty-eight people are currently in hospital, 12 of them in intensive care.

The average age of patient is also decreasing, with many of them aged between 23 and 67.

“They either weren’t vaccinated or had received just one jab,” Ana Varges Gomes told TSF radio.

Making matters worse is that the hospitalisation spike has coincided with the holidays of several doctors and nurses. If the situation worsens, the hospital administration chief has admitted calling these health professionals back from their holidays.

While surgeries and other medical procedures are still going ahead as planned, Varges Gomes warned that the situation can change quickly.

“I’m hoping that the vaccination programme will accelerate to try to stop this pandemic,” she added.