Algarve “secret auction” to save child’s life this winter

Expatriate resident Keziah Gibbons has launched an urgent appeal to “Save a Child’s Life this Winter”.

Aimed at raising much-needed funds for refugee children arriving in Europe, it is focused on the region’s business community and hopes to operate by way of a “secret auction”.

The initiative can be found on Facebook (Algarve Secret Auction/Leilão Segredo – for Refugee Child) and has already seen donations of a weekend accommodation for four people in Burgau, and health and wellness packages.

As Keziah explains: “You don’t have to be a business owner to bid for the items up for auction, anyone can join in. Take a look around at the items on offer, and when you see something you like, just send in your bid. Remember, this is a secret auction – people don’t know what each other are bidding – so send bids in a PM to the page owner.”

The tragedy behind this local initiative is the grim reality faced by so many families fleeing desperate conflict-torn lives.

The appeal’s Facebook page carries a devastating report on children “literally hours from death” at a holding camp in Lesbos, Greece.

As Keziah explains, “We can make the difference between life and death for some children this winter”.