Algarve scientist hits back at ‘ludicrous claims’ from anti-oil lobby

The problem in these debates is working out who is influencing whom. The oil companies involved in the Algarve debate will be supporting many community initiatives and research, for example the recent funding of the Oceans Initiative by the Gulbenkian Foundation which itself is funded by oil company Partex.
Gulbenkian refuses to answer any questions or enter into any dialogue with the Algarve media – why not? Are the questions about ‘conflict of interest’ too difficult? Clearly they are.
The minister who signed the oil and gas exploration deal was either stupid or ‘unduly influenced’ as the treasury will receive a percentage of profit, not revenue. Surely the worst oil deal of the 21st century, signed on behalf of the people. As Bernstein was told, “follow the money” and if we could see who is paying whom, directly or indirectly, we will find the real reasons laid bare.
Paul Rees