Algarve Sailing Summit debuts in Faro

Algarve Sailing Summit debuts in Faro

The Regional Sailing Association of the South (ARVS) is organising the first edition of the all-encompassing sailing event on November 14.

The Associação Regional de Vela do Sul (Regional Sailing Association of the South) is organising the first edition of the Algarve Sailing Summit on November 14 in the IPDJ auditorium in Faro.

“We set out to organise a differentiating event on a national scale, to gather knowledge from various sailing agents, to share experiences, raise the awareness of decision-makers, enhance the practice of the sport and define strategies to capture more and better nautical events for the Algarve region”, says the organisation.

The event will feature two distinct moments. During the morning, there will be a set of debates on various topics, such as the “Perspectives of Sailing as a sport”, “Nautical tourism and events”, and “more and better support and investments for the sport”.

During the afternoon, in close collaboration with the Ginásio Clube Naval de Faro, various classes of the sport will put on a demonstration on the water next to Doca de Faro.

The Champions Gala will be held at the end of the day to award Algarve sailors with the 2021/2022 Algarve Championship season trophies.

“We also plan to launch the VELA ALGARVE brand at this event, which aims to be a vehicle that unites sailing as a sport with the entities that promote nautical tourism”, explains the ARVS. Their objective is to create a group synergy and enhance the excellent conditions the region offers for the practice of the sport, as well as attract business and help to combat seasonality.

“We believe it is an event of great importance for the region and the sustainable future of our sport. We are certain it will deserve the best interest and active participation of the entire community.”

Created 41 years ago in Faro, the Associação Regional de Vela do Sul’s main objectives are to coordinate, promote and develop sailing in its multiple forms in the districts of Évora, Beja and Faro.

For more information, contact the ARVS: +351 966 453 430 or