Algarve rider in the 2008 Taça das Amazonas.jpg

Algarve rider in the 2008 Taça das Amazonas

ALGARVE RIDER, Catarina Duarte Dias competed in Portugal’s 2008 Lady Riders Cup, the Taça de Portugal das Amazonas at the Vilamoura show jumping grounds, last month.

Catarina Dias who rides and trains at Almancil riding centre Horses Paradise, competed with success over the three days of events, between October 3 and 5, representing the Jopool & Jotec Jumping Team sponsored by Joro Lda in Almancil.

Catarina, who rode her own eight-year old Irish sport horse, was placed in seventh in the first jump classification of 1.15m, eighth in the second classification at 1.20m and 10th in the third classification, a two round competition over a higher course with jumps of 1.25m.

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