Algarve Resident’s reader response survey 2009


This year, the Algarve Resident received an overwhelming number of replies to its reader response survey, with 75 per cent of readers giving positive comments about the newspaper.

After 20 years of service to the community, the Algarve Resident remains the readers’ choice when it comes to finding out local news and events in the region, with a total of 93 per cent of readers saying that they purchase the newspaper for these reasons.

As well as local and national news, the most popular items with our readers from the ‘What you read’ section of the survey include the classified adverts with 73 per cent, the ‘Discovering Portugal’ feature written by the Algarve Resident’s Paulo Silvestre with 79 per cent, and our weekly ‘What’s On’ guide with 75 per cent.

Following the revamping of the newspaper’s design and layout, 93 per cent of readers who responded to the survey gave positive comments about the Algarve Resident’s new style, such as the fact that it is bright and colourful, easy to read and well presented.

A total of 82 per cent of readers who responded to the survey were of British nationality. However, several other nationalities were also represented, such as Finnish, American, Irish and South African, as well as Dutch, German and Portuguese.

Widely read

Readers who responded to the survey represented every part of the Algarve, from Aljezur and Sagres in the west, to Vila Real de Santo António and Castro Marim in the extreme east.

Also, 36 per cent of readers said they have lived in Portugal for five years or less, with a further 40 per cent saying that they have lived in the country between six and 15 years.

Another 14 per cent of readers have lived in Portugal for 20 years or more.

This is reflected in the percentages of readers who can speak Portuguese, with a total of 66 per cent saying that they can speak the language at a basic level and 16 per cent saying that they are fluent.

Algarve Resident readers are members of varied clubs and associations across the region, with AFPOP, an association for foreign residents in Portugal, being the most popular with those surveyed.

Many of the readers who answered the survey also contributed with some fantastic ideas for features and suggestions for the improvement of their weekly newspaper, which the Algarve Resident team will endeavour to apply in the near future.

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