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Algarve resident writes first novel

Long-time resident of the Algarve Eleanor Michael, known locally by her married name as Elly Clayman, has written her first novel, Two Months in Summer, set in the Mediterranean Island of Cyprus.

The novel weaves a fictional story around the historic and political events that prevailed during the summer of 1974.

During these two months, the population of the island experienced a foiled assassination attempt on the President, then a military coup which ultimately led to the invasion by mainland Turkish forces. They eventually captured the whole of the north of the island, almost a third, and still retain it to this day, 42 years later.

Eleanor lived through this upheaval and was an integral part of these events.

The catastrophe started one quiet Monday afternoon in June 1974. An accidental discovery of the headquarters of a terrorist group by Eleanor was the catalyst.

The novel is listed on Amazon as a paperback and a Kindle eBook edition.