Algarve Resident 20 Years

We are deeply touched by, and very grateful for, the many messages we have been receiving from friends, clients and readers in celebration of the Algarve Resident’s 20th anniversary this year. This week, we are delighted to publish two further messages.

Inês Lopes, Editor

On the celebration of yet another anniversary of the prestigious Algarve Resident newspaper on November 11, of which you are the very dedicated director, I present my most lavish congratulations, expressing the high esteem for the educational and informative actions developed for the benefit of the region and its sustainable development.

Carlos Silva Gomes,

Civil Governor

This very special Algarve Resident has been residing within us for 20 years, imagine! Time really flies. It has grown through these years into being a true VIP, an unquestionable “Very Important Person” within the whole community, foreign and Portuguese. Its efforts, well achieved, to keep everyone in the picture, creating a net of all sorts of information, bringing together different people and businesses and thus opening to them a new array of possibilities, has been a must for the quality of life and development of the Algarve region. Speaking for myself, I must say that it has become a special friend. Happy anniversary and best health wishes.

Dr. Maria Alice Serrano e Silva, Luzdoc International Medical Service