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Algarve receives ‘trustworthy brand’ trophy

The Algarve has received the prestigious ‘Marca de Confiança’ (trustworthy brand) trophy in an award ceremony held in Lisbon.

The trophy comes two months after the region heard it was the first to receive this award from readers of Seleções, the Portuguese version of Reader’s Digest.

Tourism boss Desidério Silva accepted the award, declaring “confidence is a decisive factor for tourism”.

“A tourism destination cannot survive or promote itself if it doesn’t create a relationship of confidence (with its visitors),” he said.

The trophy comes after the Algarve celebrated its “best year” for tourism in 2015, setting all kinds of records, including highest number of hotel bookings, golf rounds played and passengers using Faro Airport.

Other winners this year include Continente (hypermarkets/supermarkets), Worten (non-food retail), Sportzone (sports), NOS (telecommunications) and EDP (public service).

Out of the 65 entities voted by the magazine’s 13,200 subscribers, 29 were Portuguese companies/brands.