Algarve ready to welcome tourists for Easter, says tourism boss

With the fuel strike now over (click here) and visions of a miserable weekend behind us, Algarve tourism boss João Fernandes has come out saying that the Algarve is now “ready to welcome tourists for their eagerly-anticipated Easter holidays”.

Fears were that national holidaymakers would not be able to make it to the Algarve due to the fuel shortage and that foreigners would not be able to get around even if they did arrive in the region.

But following guarantees that petrol stations would start being replenished this afternoon, the “economic disaster” that some were predicting for the Algarve seems to have just about been avoided.

As Fernandes points out, “this is a time when we welcome a high influx of tourists” in the region.

Thus, “we always ensure that we are ready to meet the expectations of those who seek the Algarve for its hospitality, gastronomy, peacefulness and mild weather, which is expected for the coming days,” he said.

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