Algarve PSP agents fail shooting drill in new suspected form of protest

PSP and GNR police are protesting across the country

Twenty-two out of 24 PSP police agents failed their shooting drills in the Algarve last week in what is being interpreted as a new form of protest against the government for not granting the police force the same ‘risk subsidy’ as PJ police.

Reports Jornal de Notícias, the national PSP police board has confirmed that “two certification sessions were held with two classes of 12 trainees each, with 22 failing.”

In a written response, PSP clarified that the agents in question were not stripped of their weapons, although they will undergo an extraordinary evaluation and certification session as part of the “normal and previously defined terms for situations of failure.”

As JN points out, PSP agents are regularly evaluated, and if they fail twice in a row, they may have to surrender their weapons.

The suspected protest was made public on the day it was announced the commander of the PSP’s Special Police Unit opened an inquiry to investigate the sick leave of 44 police officers from the Intervention Corps who were assigned to the Benfica-Gil Vicente game, which took place on Sunday.

Luís Carrilho decided, following that “unprecedented situation,” to “disband the third operational group and distribute these police officers among the remaining operational groups of the Intervention Corps in Lisbon, reactivating the sixth operational group” to “maintain the normal operational activity of the Intervention Corps.”

By Michael Bruxo

[email protected]