Algarve PSD supports Paulo Rangel as party’s new leader

With internal elections just a week away, the PSD’s Algarve branch has declared itself to be in favour of change. Supporting Euro MP Paulo Rangel, a meeting in Faro last night saw the PSD’s Algarve MP Cristóvão Norte say: “The country wants to change; the country will change. I know that with Paulo Rangel and a reformed PSD we will be able to say at the end of this journey: Portugal has changed!” Other key Algarve PSD figures, including Rui André – former PSD mayor of Monchique, Gilberto Viegas, former PSD mayor of Vila do Bispo and Carlos Luís, president of the confederation of Algarve businesspeople, have endorsed their support for Euro MP Rangel, while Faro mayor Rogério Bacalhau is supporting current leader Rui Rio, as is Francisco Amaral, mayor of Castro Marim.