Algarve promotes projects to protect sea life

Two projects to protect the sea life of the Algarve have been launched, focusing on the conservation of reefs and protection of seahorses.

The Cavalos-marinhos em risco na Ria Formosa? (Seahorses at risk in the Ria Formosa?) project is being developed by the Research Group on Fisheries Biology and Hidroecology (CCMAR) of Algarve University in partnership with the Project Seahorse of the University of British Columbia and Zoological Society London.

Its aim is to investigate the reasons behind the decline of species in the Ria Formosa and to develop a recovery and protection plan.

The other project Deep reefs, has been developed by CCMAR and hopes to map the marine biodiversity of the reef habitats between 30 and 70 metres deep in several places along the Algarve coast between Armação de Pêra and Lagos.

The objective is to collect information on species and habitats to build a data base of marine areas in the region.