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Algarve pressure group launches “get tough with government” campaign

ASMAA – best known as one of the most vociferous Algarve group’s challenging government-backed plans for oil and gas exploration – has just launched a hard-hitting campaign, designed to “give voice to the people”.

“It has become abundantly clear in the past few months that the Portuguese government is not taking cognisance of people’s objections to oil and gas exploration in Portugal and that a new strategy is required to get them to listen”.

The campaign aims “to create a platform where people can voice their human rights infringement concerns”, and with luck find them buoyed by the kind of support that will force our elected leaders to take notice.

Starting “by focusing on the primary concern areas arising from offshore and onshore oil and gas exploration, including the use of hydraulic fracturing and other non-conventional technologies”, ASMAA hopes the campaign will encourage communities fighting situations seemingly ‘on their own’ to come on board and find strength in numbers.

For more information, see ASMAA’s website:

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