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Algarve prepares for Carnival 2009

Câmaras across the region are preparing their Carnival celebrations to include parties, parades and fancy dress competitions, which will take place between February 20 and 24.

Traditionally, Carnival is a period of festivities including parades and dances and is fixed each year by the moon, marking the start of Lent in the Christian faith. The word Carnival comes from the words “carne vale”, meaning ‘farewell to the flesh’. 

Each town has its own theme for this annual celebration, which can be based on political satire, important events and society in general.Themes across the region this year include the year of astronomy in Albufeira, the Olympic Games in Vila Real de Santo António, the world in São Brás de Alportel and nature in Loulé.

Loulé carnival is widely acclaimed as the most famous parade in the Algarve, having run since 1906.

It is also one of the most renowned in Portugal, along with those of Madeira, Ovar and Torres Vedras.

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