Algarve poem brought to life in YouTube video

Algarve poem brought to life in YouTube video

‘Ode to the Algarve’ celebrates life in the region

A poem about life in the Algarve recited by its author while stunning footage of the region is shown is the result of a collaboration between expats – American YouTube creator Veronica Ondrejech and Australian author Sandra Penny McCallum.

The poem, ‘Ode to the Algarve’, was written by Sandra McCallum who recently published her new book, ‘Poets, Plato and Pussycats’.

Sandra was invited to recite the poem as part of a 20-minute video posted on Veronica’s YouTube channel ‘American in Portugal’.

“Viewers can see the images which sparked the creative vibe of the author and can share in the inspiration and love of living and retiring in Portugal,” Veronica says.

Sandra Penny Callum and Veronica Ondrejech
Sandra Penny Callum and Veronica Ondrejech

Here are a few excerpts from ‘Ode to the Algarve’:

On dusty road above Altura; that bends and winds and winds

Twixt pastel villas standing tall there amongst one finds

Fields of goats and horses, dogs and little cats

Fruits trees, dusty paddocks, villagers doing this and that.


I breathe the warm Algarvian air, watch the donkey carts go by

With kids and cases, produce, and boxes piled high

Worn leather bridles, carts drawn by horse or donkey old and thin

The gypsy folk command them and the community therein


To drink the drink and eat the eat, it’s really not expensive

With cup of tea, I sit and write; and feeling rather pensive

The Port, wine, olives, fish, and such fit truly for a king

Sup up ex-pats, enjoy yourselves; for life is everything.

The full poem is part of the book ‘Poets, Plato and Pussycats’ which is available for purchase on Amazon.

Meanwhile, the video is entitled ‘Portugal Poetry set to Video and music. Author interview and expat life on why we love Portugal’ and can be viewed on YouTube.

Sandra immigrated from Australia to the UK and then to Portugal about 10 years ago, while Veronica immigrated from California (USA) five years ago and began her channel during the Covid-19 lockdown to show life in Portugal.