Algarve ploughs €220,000 into renovating health centres

Health centres in Lagos, Santo Estêvão (Tavira) and Fuzeta (Olhão) are to receive €220,000-worth of renovations, regional health authority ARS Algarve has announced.

Most of the work will be going ahead in Lagos, which hasn’t been upgraded “for the last 20 years”.

Apart from general improvements, the centre will be getting a new “cafeteria/bar for staff and the public, a new fire alarm system, solar-powered hot water and an extension of the building’s “uninterrupted power system”.

If all goes according to plan, most of the work should be completed by the end of the year and cost around €138,000.

Improvements are also due to start on the Santo Estêvão and Fuzeta health centres.

Representing an investment of €80,000, the work will see both made more “handicap-friendly”, ensuring physically-disabled people better access.

Both centres are expected to be fully back on track by December.

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