Algarve “party girl” turns raunchy paperback writer

She lived in the Algarve for 20 years and then went off to Marbella as she is “a big party girl”.

Adele Carter – an assumed name, so anyone on the party scene will really have to rack their brains – has been in touch with the Resident to tell us about her new book, “Single in Marbs”.

“People here in Marbs are loving it,” she tells us, stressing this is “not an autobiography” although the story “is based on some real experiences”.

The book is “attached” (we are not sure how) to a new show entitled “Life on Marbs” and an older show called “Only Way is Essex”.

Ms Carter tells us she is writing a sequel, and “there will be three. The sky is the limit for “Single in Marbs”!

And for Algarve party lovers, the book has some special interest. It is a story that starts here, says its author.

Looking forward to promotion in the UK and US, Ms Carter’s agent is “going for a movie or series”.

For more information, see the ‘Single in Marbs’ Facebook page.

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