Monterosa olive oil

Algarve olive oils win international prizes

The extra virgin ‘Monterosa Premium Maçanilha’ olive oil, produced with the Algarvian Maçanilha olive variety, has been winning top prizes at several international competitions around the world.

In a statement to the press, the Azeite Monterosa company announced that the olive oil won a gold medal at the New York International Olive Oil Competition, marking the 11th consecutive year that Monterosa olive oils have received a gold medal in the competition.

The ‘Monterosa Premium Maçanilha’ also received a gold medal at the Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards, a silver medal at Olive Japan held in Tokyo, and the Gourmet Prize from the Agricultural Products Promotion Agency of France in Paris.

Monterosa olive oil

In addition to the Maçanilha variety, another single-variety olive oil produced by the company was also awarded: ‘Monterosa Premium Cobrançosa’ obtained a silver medal in Berlin, while ‘Monterosa Premium Selection’, which comprises a blend of varieties, won gold at Olive Japan.

“In the current scenario of great international instability, which makes planning and managing any business difficult, these awards are special and provide strength to the Monterosa team to face the present and the near future with motivation,” says company manager José Dâmaso.

He added: “Achieving excellent olive oil after each harvest is the main focus of our brand. Our commitment to sustainability and circular economy at every stage of the production process is as important as the quality itself. All Monterosa olive oils are produced following a rigorous Integrated Production system that ensures respect for the environment and the consumer.”

Monterosa olive oil