Algarve offers to host remaining Liga NOS football fixtures

The Algarve’s football association (AFA) is open to the idea of hosting the remaining Liga NOS first league football matches ‘behind closed doors’ in the Algarve.

So said the association’s president Reinaldo Teixeira in an interview with Rádio Renascença this Wednesday.

“The Algarve, being a tourism region of excellence with an array of sports infrastructures and hotels, has all the needed conditions to host the remaining matches,” he said, adding that AFA will be thrilled to help the idea come to fruition.

Teixeira stresses that the pandemic has not had a major impact on the region, making it an attractive destination for the remaining matches.

However, no one has officially approached AFA yet to discuss the idea, he confirmed.

Holding all the remaining fixtures in just one region would avoid having to request approval from every regional health authority where matches would be played.

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