Algarve new tourism campaign

The tourist authority responsible for the internal and external promotion of the Algarve has been running a new challenge for tourists.

The promotion, Algarve – Europe’s Most Famous Secret, invited visitors to “get in contact with Algarve traditions, culture, nature and people”.

Following the promotion of this action overseas, the Algarve Tourism Association (ATA) went to Madrid, to present a ‘charm offensive’ to the local press, inviting journalists to learn about the region’s wellness benefits. 

This included the viewing of the promotional video of the campaign, a detailed presentation of the Algarve as a tourism destination and the various tourism products of the region such as sun and sea, golf, industry and culture. The event ended with a dinner with regional dishes, desserts and wines being served.

Algarve Tourism Board (ERTA) president Nuno Aires said: “The objective of this initiative was to establish close ties with the local press and to ensure media coverage of the Algarve as a tourism brand, enhancing the reputation of regional tourism businesses among the Spanish tourism market.”

To see the complete promotional video of Algarve – Europe’s Most Famous Secret please visit the link to the right