Algarve needs solar boom

Dear Editor,

I was happy to read your article about Alcoutim’s solar energy platform (last week’s edition).

I must admit that for the last few years I have been complaining about the lack of solar energy projects in the Algarve, as to me it seems obvious that the region is one of the best places in the world to produce solar power.

It’s sunny nearly every day here, and there are many plots of land in the region where solar parks can be set up.

For example, some areas of Alcoutim, Castro Marim and Vila do Bispo are largely left to abandon during the winter and could benefit immensely from housing these solar parks.

Not only does it open up more job opportunities, it also attracts more life to these otherwise desolate areas.

I am now interested to see whether or not other investors will take up on this idea and start ploughing money into more renewable energy projects – especially solar ones in the Algarve.

If the government and investors are smart, I believe this industry could be a key stimulator to the Portuguese economy in the long-run.

Jon D.