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Algarve name misused

A SPANISH development has been slammed by Algarve MEP José Mendes Bota for advertising its golf course in Ayamonte as belonging in the Algarve.

The Costa Esuri Golf Club (The Resident, editions August 31 and October 19, 2007), just over the border in the Spanish town, is marketing to English-speaking potential buyers in Europe, who recognise the Algarve as a high quality destination and are using the name to encourage people to buy property in an area which is not as internationally renowned.

The club’s website says: “Costa Esuri Golf Club, rated as a Gold Course of Aymerich Golf Management, is part of Costa Esuri Golf Resort, located in Ayamonte, in the heart of the Spanish Algarve”


Algarve MP José Mendes Bota has presented a letter to the Portuguese government to complain about the situation.

“This situation is unacceptable” said Mendes Bota, adding that the Algarve name is still being used in false advertising to sell tourism products in Spain.

Last year, the Tasa Costa Esuri Resort in Ayamonte also launched a marketing campaign at potential property buyers in Europe which advertised “Apartments in el Algarve (Ayamonte, Spain).”

This led to the Algarve tourism board (RTA) presenting a complaint to the public prosecutor about alleged abuse of the Algarve name.

A spokesman for the RTA told The Resident. “We are aware of the situation; this problem has been going on for some time.”

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