Algarve mourns death of politician and Rotarian Hermes Alberto

Hermes Alberto, a former president of the Almancil Rotary Club who was acting as president of the Almancil Parish Assembly, died unexpectedly at the age of 68 on Thursday (January 30).

Regional newspaper A Voz do Algarve reports that Hermes Alberto was awaiting a meeting at Loulé’s town hall when he “suddenly felt unwell”.

“Despite attempts to revive him, he died at around 3pm,” the paper adds.

Loulé Council has already released a statement mourning his death.

“He was a strong advocate for social and cultural causes and participated in the public life of Almancil, not only as a politician but also as president of ASCA (Associação Social e Cultural de Almancil) and as a member of the Almancil Rotary Club,” the council said.

It also added that Alberto was “highly-respected” by the national and foreign communities in the municipality of Loulé.

Out of respect, the council decided to cancel its Dia da Cidade celebrations which were scheduled for this Saturday (February 1).

His death has also been lamented by the Faro Rotary Club which described it as a “huge loss for all Rotarians in the Algarve”.

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