Algarve mayors urge holiday-home owners to stay away

Holiday-home owners are being told to stay away from the Algarve during the coronavirus outbreak. The president of the Algarve municipalities association (AMAL), which brings together the region’s 16 mayors, made the plea during an interview with State television channel RTP after reports of a growing number of people travelling to the Algarve to stay in their holiday homes.

On Wednesday, SIC reported that a couple travelled by bus from Lisbon to Portimão, where they own a holiday home, while awaiting their coronavirus test results which came back positive (click here).

As AMAL president António Pina explained, this goes against everything that authorities are trying to accomplish by urging people to stay home and avoid any unnecessary travel in order to control the spread of the virus.

With the number of confirmed cases in the Algarve now up to 99 and the epidemic growth curve climbing “higher” than the national average, Pina hopes that citizens will heed the advice and stay home.

“These people who are travelling here from other areas are jeopardising the efforts that the Algarvian people have made so far,” he told RTP.

“We would normally welcome them with open arms, but now we need them to follow the recommendations and stay home, but in their primary residence,” he said.

The president of AMAL, who is also mayor of Olhão, has also said he would like to see more police on access roads to the Algarve.

He suggested that traffic brigades could carry out stops to advise people against travelling here for anything other than professional reasons, at the risk of the region seeing the number of cases grow even more.

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