Algarve mayor takes on CMTV: official complaint lodged with PJ police

Olhão mayor António Pina is on the attack following the CMTV exposé on Monday evening, insinuating “corruption” and “illicit acts” taint the ongoing drama on Armona island where 144 houses face demolition for having been built on Public Maritime land (click here)

Releasing a statement shortly after the half hour slot aired, Mr Pina said: “Following the report shown last night by CMTV, in which intolerable suspicions were raised about alleged behaviour by alleged representatives of the municipal council of Olhão, I have given clear instructions for the municipality to file, today, a complaint with the Judicial Police (PJ). I further ordered that the Public Prosecutor’s Office be asked to open an inquiry so that, as quickly as possible, the truth about the accusations and suspicions can be ascertained”.

The CMTV report raised all kinds of uncomfortable questions, which the local PSD party is equally keen to see answered.

It too has issued a statement in the wake of the report, saying the party means to “fight for establishment of the truth, and the identification of the eventual authors of the illicit acts related by householders on the island of Armona”.

Anyone who saw the programme will have heard one homeowner saying she was offered a ‘bribe’ to ensure her house is not among the 144 that face demolition.

According to the homeowner, named as Ana Araújo, a council employee suggested if she paid a few thousand euros, she might be lucky.

CMTV’s Ana Leal pressed her “how many thousand euros? €20,000?” and the answer came back “you can go higher…”

Olhão’s PSD party vows to use “all necessary means to accompany the progress of the process of investigation by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, until those responsible are identified, whatever the cost…”

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