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Algarve luxury resort unveils new image


ALMANCIL-BASED Vale do Lobo resort, which is celebrating its 46th year, unveiled its new corporate image, representing a new period of regional and international expansion for the luxury development.

During a presentation on Tuesday, attended by Loulé Câmara President, Seruca Emídio as well as representatives from regional businesses, Vale do Lobo’s President, Diogo Ferreira spoke about the reasons behind the resorts

rebranding, as well as its plans for expansion in the near future.

“We had an old fashioned image from the 60s and 70s which was not adaptable and so we wanted to change it to something more modern,” he said. “Our main vision is to renew the resort and to improve quality of life at the resort.”

Vale do Lobo’s rebranding, which includes a new corporate logo and a change of corporate colours from orange to gold and black, has cost the resort more than one million euros. “We had a tremendous year in 2007, with many positive deals which have led us to define a new development strategy,” said Diogo Ferreira. “Our development will include the construction of a luxury hotel that will start next year, as well as several studies to determine new countries in which to invest.”

New resorts

Diogo Ferreira said that the most likely places in which the brand will undertake studies to invest abroad will be Italy, Croatia, Greece and Turkey.

“If we build new resorts abroad, they will be in destinations which are already consolidated for tourism and which are safe, with no religious, cultural or regional problems,” he said.

Looking to the future, Diogo Ferreira said that he is “really optimistic” about the resort’s, and the region’s, future as a second home destination, because of its ideal location, climate, culture and safety.

“This place is beautiful, safe and only two hours away from Lisbon” he said, adding: “People are becoming more aware that this is a very good place to live.”

Speaking about the Nautilus Island, a project to construct two shell shaped artificial islands out to sea, which was rejected in February by the Environment Ministry, Diogo Ferreira told The Resident that these plans have now been completely discarded by Vale do Lobo.

“We conducted technical studies for the viability of the project. These concluded that the construction of these islands would in no way help solve beach erosion, so they have been completely discarded,” he said.

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