Algarve launches online courses aimed at tour operators

The Algarve Tourism Association (ATA) has launched a series of free online courses aimed at tour operators “who want to improve or update their knowledge about the Algarve”.

The goal is to have these operators prepared to promote the Algarve as soon as the region’s “doors reopen” to holidaymakers.

The courses are aimed mainly at the British, French, American, Dutch and German markets and provide a “complete and detailed perspective of the diversity that the Algarve has to offer its visitors all year round”.

“Our goal is to show that the Algarve has much more to offer than our internationally-renowned beaches,” says ATA president João Fernandes.

“Through these courses, we are inviting all tour operators to learn more and improve their knowledge about our destination. At a time when a large part of the tourism sector is stopped, we believe that this can be an interesting way of investing in training but also staying busy and planning the future,” he adds.

Fernandes also said that tour operators who complete these courses will be “better prepared than ever” to promote the Algarve.

While the courses are aimed at tour operators from a select group of markets, ATA stresses that they are open to any tour operator that is interested in the region.

The courses include a wealth of information about the Algarve as well as videos, high-res photos, brochures and online guides.

Those interested can sign up at

[email protected]