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Algarve Laptops makes it easy

If you’re looking for an English laptop, computer or accessories then look no further than Algarve Laptops, where technology is explained in plain and simple language and clients are given the highest standards of customer service.

As well as selling a comprehensive range of the latest UK models at very competitive prices with a two year warranty, Algarve Laptops can also help clients gain access to the internet.

The friendly and professional staff at Algarve Laptops are all fluent in both English and Portuguese and provide step by step training for individuals of all abilities on how to use their computers in their own homes.

This includes training on how to send emails, surf the internet, manage digital photos, online shop and much more.

Free calls

For those wanting to communicate with friends and family abroad, their staff can advise on how to make free calls to any landline number in the world through the internet.

To extend the life of an existing laptop or computer, look no further than Algarve Laptops as they carry out efficient and cost effective repairs, including changing Portuguese computers into English.

For more information, why not visit Algarve Laptops, which is open Monday to Saturday from 10am until 7pm on the EN 125 between Alcantarilha and Porches about 500 metres from Aqualand in Vale de Lousas. Please call 282 312 044/913 087 160 or email [email protected].