Algarve is cheapest holiday destination for Brits

A Post Office survey shows the Algarve to be the “cheapest holiday destination” for British holidaymakers.

The results are based on “a fall in prices over the past year and a strengthening of the pound against the euro”.

Researchers at the UK’s postal authority added up the cost of eight typical holiday expenses – a meal for two with a bottle of wine, a bottle of beer, a soft drink, a glass of wine, a 1.5 litre bottle of mineral water, a coffee, suncream and a pack of cigarettes – and found the cost left the Algarve slightly ahead of Bulgaria in cost effectiveness.

The report states: “In Europe the best deals are likely to be in Portugal and Bulgaria, where increased competition to attract tourists has resulted in lower prices for tourist staples.”

The story comes less than a week since a UK tabloid reported Brits are choosing holidays in Spain and Portugal as “nowhere else is safe” (click here).

For those wanting to travel further afield, “Cape Town, Bali and Tokyo look good bets for the bargain hunter” however.

The full list of “best-value” destinations is as follows:
1. Algarve, Portugal (£29.32)
2. Sunny Beach, Bulgaria (£29.49)
3. Cape Town, South Africa (£34.55)
4. Costa del Sol, Spain (£35.61)
5. Marmaris, Turkey (£38.83)
6. Budapest, Hungary (£39.40)
7. Prague, Czech Republic (£40.19)
8. Bali, Indonesia (£40.35)
9. Paphos, Cyprus (£41.58)
10. Corfu, Greece (£43.42)
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