Algarve interior to gain basic sanitation

Castro Marim Câmara has announced that it is analysing a 4.2 million euro proposal to provide mains water and sewage to 11 localities in the council’s interior.

This project incorporates the first phase of the construction of the central subsystem, which will provide mains water and sewage to Piçarral, Eira Grande, Sentinela, Murteira de Cima, Murteira de Baixo, Portela Alta de Cima, Portela Alta de Baixo, Quebradas, Corujos, Casa Branca and Choça Queimada.

According to a statement from Castro Marim Câmara, the project that is due to start in the first half of 2010 and last 18 months, will include the construction of two hydro pressure centrals, eight water treatment plants and more than 40km of piping, among other structures.

Câmara President José Estevens said: “We are aware of the importance of this work to improve the quality of life of residents.”

He also added: “We believe that in half a dozen years, with the completion of the Almada D’Ouro and Corte Velho tourist developments, the future of these parishes will be very different.”