Algarve hotels welcome fewer Brits in November

Algarve hotels welcome fewer Germans and Brits in January

There were good news and bad news in January for the Algarve’s hotel industry, which saw bookings increase despite sharp decreases in the number of German and British guests staying in the region.

According to data from the Algarve hotelier association (AHETA), 34.1% of rooms at the region’s hotel and accommodation establishments were booked last month.
This represents an increase of two percentage points in January compared to the same month last year.

There was a substantial increase in the number of Portuguese guests staying at regional hotels (+28.2%), which helped outweigh the dwindling number of German and British guests (-13.6% and -10.4%, respectively).

AHETA says that one of the factors that contributed to the overall increase in bookings was the New Year’s celebrations which kept hotels busy at least for the first few days of 2020.

Data – which was based only on the establishments that were open during January, as “around 50% of them close during this period” – also shows that business volume increased by 8.1% in January.

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