Algarve hotels see British guests fall 24.2% despite enjoying best February since 2007

The number of British holidaymakers staying at Algarve hotels in February fell 24.2% compared to the same month last year, new data from the regional hotelier association AHETA has revealed.

On the bright side there was a huge soar in German (+40.5%) and Dutch tourists (+30.5%), making last February the best in hotel occupation since 2007.

Taking all nationalities into account, the number of guests at regional hotels increased 1.4% last month.

Further data shows that Carvoeiro/Armação de Pêra (+7%) and Faro/Olhão (+5.3%) were the areas where hotels saw guest numbers increase the most, while Portimão/Praia da Rocha (-9.7%) and Tavira (-2.2%) were on the negative side of the spectrum.

AHETA also revealed that business volume at hotels grew 9.1%.