Photo: Lagos (Michael Bruxo/Open Media)

Algarve hotels look to build houses for workers

AHETA says houses would be used exclusively for employee housing

The Algarve Association of Hotels and Tourist Resorts (AHETA) is seeking to strike partnerships with local councils and regional authorities to build houses for hotel sector workers.

The goal is to address the Algarve’s housing shortage which is keeping prospective employees from moving to the region to work at hotels and resorts.

With the help of local authorities, AHETA aims to identify plots of land which are located “away from the major tourist hotspots.”

These plots would serve as potential sites for constructing various types of accommodations, says the association, adding that it is committed to using these units exclusively for employee housing. AHETA even suggests that the approval for such projects could come with the stipulation of not selling or altering the purpose of these properties for a period of 50 or 100 years.

“This is the only way will we be able to face the prospects of future development of tourist activity in the region, contributing to better living conditions for the employees and providing them with dignified housing, one of the fundamental premises for the arrival of new employees to the Algarve,” the association adds.

By Michael Bruxo

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