Algarve hospitals to provide home care at four nursing homes

Elderly patients to receive medical care without having to leave nursing homes

The Algarve University Hospital Centre (CHUA) has extended its home care network to include four nursing homes in the region – Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lagos, Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Faro, ACASO (Olhão), and Centro de Apoio a Idosos de Portimão.

In other words, elderly patients living or supported by the institutions will be able to receive medical care at their homes instead of having to travel to their nearest hospital or health centre.

A protocol making the agreement official was signed on Wednesday (March 23) at the auditorium of Olhão library by CHUA and the four institutions.

CHUA says this agreement will aid the recovery of patients who will be able to receive medical care from CHUA health professionals via the “home care model,” along with the “existing technical capacity of regional homes in terms of nursing and auxiliary teams with specific training in geriatrics.”

“This is the first measure of its kind on a national level and we want other teams to expand their working availability to other institutions,” said CHUA administration board boss Ana Varges Gomes.

“This is a way of having fewer people hospitalised, as vacancies are finite,” Varges Gomes highlighted.

“This way, we can continue providing care to people in need at their location, with their routines, allowing them to not have to leave their comfort area, so that we can help them recover better,” the administration board president added.

CHUA launched its home care service in 2019 at Portimão and Faro hospitals, having already assisted 700 people so far.

“It is an innovative project in which everyone wins: but those who win right away are patients. The results and satisfaction levels are better when care is provided at home,” said Paulo Morgado, president of the Algarve health authority ARS Algarve.

Delfim Rodrigues, coordinator of the National Programme for the Implementation of Home Care Units at SNS Hospitals, says CHUA is one of three hospital centres in Portugal which has “diversified its work bases,” having been able to expand its hospital services to nearby areas.

“The Algarve is an example, because out of the 38 (hospital centres) only two others do this: Centro Hospital do Oeste, and Centro Hospital de Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro,” he added.

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