Algarve hospital and health centres welcome 191 medical interns

Regional health authority ARS Algarve has announced that 191 medical interns will start their training at the region’s public hospitals and health centres this month.

It is hoped that they will be able to provide invaluable support at a time when Health Minister Marta Temido has admitted that “hospitals are under huge pressure” (click here).

Portugal registered a new maximum number of Covid-19 cases on Wednesday (10,027), seemingly due to the transmission of the ‘new variant’ identified in UK just before Christmas.

The group of interns includes 61 trainee specialists (43 from a range of hospital specialties, 14 GPs, and four public health trainees) who will be completing their internships at the Portimão and Faro hospitals in the following units: anesthesiology (2), cardiology (1), infectious diseases (1), gastroenterology (2), gynecology/obstetrics (3), physical medicine and rehabilitation (2), intensive care medicine (3), internal medicine (8), nephrology (1), neurology (1), medical oncology (2), otolaryngology (1), clinical pathology (1), medical paediatrics (3), pulmonology (1), psychiatrics (6), rheumatology (1) and urology (1).

The remaining 130 trainee doctors will be completing their training at both hospitals as well as local health centres (centros de saúde).

The Algarve University Hospital Board (CHUA) held events both in Faro and Portimão on Wednesday (January 6) to welcome the medical interns.

Executive director Paulo Neves and clinical director Horácio Guerreiro both confirmed that the Algarve is already proving popular among medical trainees.

“These interns are the future of CHUA, an institution where they will have the opportunity to show their potential and learn,” they said.

Also attending the events was ARS boss Paulo Morgado who said that the medical interns will be able to “learn-by-doing” under the guidance and supervision of doctors with “proven experience” in training interns.

Morgado hopes they will eventually choose to stay and practice in the region once their training is completed.