Algarve holds first Dog Puller competition this weekend

A Dog Puller competition will be held in the Algarve this weekend for the first time ever.

This new dog sport “uses an ingenuous device – the Puller (by Collar Company) – which is an interactive training tool that provides an effective and complete workout (strength, coordination, endurance), strengthens the relationship between dog and human and helps facilitate motivation and (self) control, even when using at home and not at this intensive championship sport,” says Gyöngyi Pánczél, a 32-year-old former math teacher from Budapest, Hungary.

She is the founder of Dog Puller Portugal and has been living in Portugal for the last three years.

“This is a new athletic spectator sport for dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages regardless of prior training experience» she explains. And because Dog Puller is an active athletic sport, both dog and owner require formal training in order to compete safely and successfully.

Dogs compete in Puller Running and Puller Jumping during a trial of 90 second where the dog continuously runs or jumps.

The first workshop ever held in Algarve will take place on Saturday, January 12 at the Quinta dos Patudos facilities in Messines between 10am and 1pm.

“This workshop will be a special blend of practical and theoretical methodology, where instructors will have time to work with all the participants and their dogs individually, and they also will learn about the Puller, the multi-functional training tool, and the Dog Puller sport as well,” she said.

On Sunday, January 13, the ‘Puller Troféu de Ano Novo’ competition will be held at the Iron Dog Algarve facilities between 10am and 3pm. Both initiatives are organised by Dog Puller Portugal. The Puller Troféu de Ano Novo is part of the 2018-2019 National Dog Puller Championship Series.

For the first time in the Algarve, the founder of the dog sport in Portugal toldthe Resident that “Dog Puller Portugal is carefully choosing the facilities where to organise the competitions based on the sizes of the available fields as well as the field conditions.”

“Iron Dog Algarve school, in Quarteira, has a well-treated grass field, long enough to hold a puller trophy. All dog friends and owners should come and feel the atmosphere that surrounds a puller competition and see the enthusiastic puller dogs performing and having fun. Visitors can see the facilities and the professional and friendly trainers from Iron Dog Algarve, and also have a taste of what Dog Puller is, what the tool can do to a dog’s training and connection to their humans. Pullers can be bought at the competition at discounted prizes,” she explains.

Gyöngyi says that “the event starts with Puller Running in different categories like puppy, mini, maxi, drive and veteran. After the last runner there will be short 45 minutes break then the discipline of Puller Jumping is organised in the same categories. Award ceremony will start at 2.30pm”.

The competition costs €6 euros to take part in one discipline – running or jumping – and €10 for both. Applications are accepted through the event’s Facebook page until midnight this Friday (click here). Late registration or on the day of the event is possible but costs €2 extra.

The Dog Puller Sport was developed in 2012 and quickly spread all around the world. In 2017 the puller journey started in Portugal. In the first Championship Series 2017-2018, Portugal had 35 competitor dogs in the different categories and “this season there are already more participants and the competition is even more thrilling”.

Gyöngyi also highlights the fact that “the instructors of Dog Puller in Portugal have the highest level certificates of Puller training and judging from the World Puller Federation”.

For more information on both Dog Puller Portugal and its events, feel free to contact organisers at and