Algarve history talks

New speaker David Johnson will be detailing the way in which the Algarve was brought under Roman rule after the second Punic war during a talk for the Algarve History Association.

The talk will be given twice, firstly on September 21 at the Convent in Lagoa from 6.30pm, with admission costing two Euros per person, and then again on September 24 at the municipal library in Tavira from 11am, with free admission.

Talks are usually given by Peter Kingdon Booker. However, David Johnson is a regular member of the audience at the Algarve history talks and the legacy of the Romans in Iberia has become a major interest to him.

During the talk, the nature of life in the Roman province during the “golden age” of the late first and second centuries CE and the end of Roman rule in the fifth Century.

Meanwhile, a dinner in celebration of the bicentenary of the Battle of Buçaco is to take place at Estoí palace on September 27 from 6.30pm at a cost of 50 Euros.

For further information about the Algarve History Association, please email [email protected]