Algarve History Association talk -  “The History of Ideas about Evolution”

Algarve History Association talk – “The History of Ideas about Evolution”

“The History of Ideas about Evolution” is the theme of a talk by Ludo Broothaers on Tuesday November 18, in the Lagoa Municipal Library at 6pm.
Ludo Broothaers will describe how over four centuries scientists developed a new view on living nature. It all began with a static view, inspired by religious sources. Through the then brand-new scientific discipline of geology, scholars learned what rocks could reveal to them about life on earth. It became clear that presently unknown animals and plants lived on Earth in the distant past.
Several hypotheses were brought forward to explain the existence of present-day diversity of life on Earth. The search for a plausible answer culminated in the publication of Charles Darwin’s The Origin of Species. His theory shows how species evolved and changed through natural selection and in a dynamic world. Darwin’s view collided dramatically with views founded in religious beliefs. Even today the theory of evolution is subjected to much opposition, particularly from Muslim communities and from Creationists in the USA.
Ludo Broothaers has a PhD in geology from the University of Leuven, Belgium, and his career as a geologist includes prospecting for base metals, setting up mineralogical laboratories and lecturing at a school for mining engineers. He spent much of his career in Morocco, Indonesia and Surinam and worked in Belgium for the Flemish Government.
This talk is organised by the Algarve History Association.
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