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Algarve History Association May events

Portugal in World War I by Peter Kingdon Booker

As the centenaries of the First World War disappear behind us, it is important to remember that Portugal also played its part in this dreadful conflict.

Many people from Northern Europe who have made their homes here in the Algarve are surprised that the War had such an effect on this small country on the western edge of Europe, or even that Portugal was involved at all.

There are memorials to the war-dead in many parts of Europe, in northern Portugal and also here in the Algarve, particularly in Lagos, Loulé and Tavira.

In his presentation this month, Peter Booker relates the history of the war and Portugal’s participation on the Western Front.

Find out how Portugal played its part both in Africa and in Europe. Why did Germany declare war on Portugal? Why do the war memorials in Portugal show dates which are different from the history of the war? Did Portugal achieve its war aims? After years of conflict, what were the outcomes for this small nation?


Bach Concert with Varoujan Bartikian

  • Sunday, May 28, Quintinha da Música, at 5pm

Varoujan Bartikian

An extraordinary opportunity has arisen to hear live some of the music written by Johann Sebastian Bach for solo cello. Varoujan Bartikian, the principal cello at the Gulbenkian Orchestra in Lisbon, will play three of Bach’s cello suites, BWV 1007, 1008 and 1009. These works are thought to be the greatest of Bach’s musical achievements. They are technically demanding, and it was not until they were re-discovered and first recorded by Pablo Casals in 1938 that they became at all well-known.

Varoujan Bartikian grew up and studied in Soviet Armenia, and made his home in Portugal in the late 1980s as he joined the Gulbenkian Orchestra in Lisbon. He has played at the Quintinha in a piano duet, a string trio and a string quartet. His repertoire is enormous, and we are privileged to welcome his talent once again in the Algarve.

Ticket prices are €25. For more information, email [email protected]