Author Stephen Powell
Author Stephen Powell

Algarve History Association events in March

The Algarve History Association, led by Peter and Lynne Booker, is organising two talks this month, both held in the municipal libraries of Tavira and Lagoa.

Monday, March 14, Tavira Library, 6pm; and Tuesday, March 22, Lagoa Library, 6pm
Walking Europe’s Edge – Reflections on Portugal

Stephen Powell took the brave decision in 2018 to research the country of Portugal by walking from one end to the other, from northeast to southwest. He claims to have walked nearly 1500km, which is some journey. Stephen has produced a book (he will have copies on sale) in which he describes the unfailing kindness he encountered in Portugal, and the lengths that people went to in order to help him. One of the attributes which helped him was the fact that, after working for some years in Brazil, he speaks Portuguese, and so even in remote villages he could be understood. And after working all over the world, and researching Portugal from top to bottom, Stephen has made the understandable and unsurprising commitment to settle in the Algarve.

Friday, March 18, Tavira Library, 11am; and Tuesday, March 29, Lagoa Library, 6pm
The Carnation Revolution

As we approach the 48th anniversary of the Carnation Revolution, Peter Booker again considers the factors which led the people of Portugal to eject the dictatorial government which had been in power unchanged for 46 years. Peter looks back to the other Portuguese Revolutions in the 20th century, and compares them with that of 1974. Who were the main characters in the 1974 Revolution? Why did it happen in April of 1974? Why the Carnation Revolution? How long did it take for the revolutionary process to be complete? And at a time when Communism was still a major force in World Affairs, was it possible that Portugal would empower a Communist Government? That potential outcome was certainly a concern to the United States. And finally, since Portugal is a country of brandos costumes – gentle customs, mild behaviour – was there any time when the Revolution became more violent?

The wearing of masks to attend these events is mandatory. For more information, email [email protected]