Algarve has “support areas” for tourists who test positive for Covid-19 at airport

Passengers who test positive for Covid-19 before boarding a flight at Faro Airport have several “support areas” (known as Zonas de Apoio à População, or ZAPs) at their disposal in the Algarve where they can self-quarantine.

The news was confirmed this week by Jorge Botelho, Secretary of State for Decentralisation as well as the Algarve’s regional coordinator in the fight against Covid-19.

“Health authorities or the airport report the situation to regional civil protection authorities, which use the resources at their disposal to find an adequate solution for each situation,” Botelho told TVI.

Apart from the ZAPs, there is also a hotel in the Algarve which has made 14 beds available for passengers who have tested positive and need somewhere to self-isolate.

Said Botelho, municipal civil protection authorities are responsible for providing meals and dealing with similar logistical issues as well as providing a new Covid-19 test to allow the isolated individuals to fly back home once they have tested negative.

Reports TVI, passengers test positive for Covid-19 at Faro Airport almost daily. On Sunday, a German holidaymaker who had travelled to the Algarve with a group of friends was held back after testing positive. According to Botelho, the tourist was provided accommodation at Portimão’s ZAP.

The latest official information that the Resident had received before the clarifications made by Botelho was that “accommodation during the quarantine is the responsibility of the passenger”, a source from Faro Airport told us, “or any other entity that comes forth to cover it”. (click here)