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Algarve Golf & Property Magazine out now

The latest edition of the bimonthly Algarve Golf & Property Magazine is out now, with an expanded editorial section.

Since its April 2010 launch under its current dual section format, Algarve Golf & Property Magazine has followed market developments closely to ensure its editorial line followed the trends.

Editor Inês Lopes said: “The property market has seen some interesting changes already and 2011 has only just begun.

“Fed up with the bad December weather, prospective buyers, particularly from Northern Europe, seem to have planned their property viewing trips to the Algarve earlier than the usual Easter break. Realtors have had a fairly busy January, which is a very good sign that the region’s property market could be taking a turn for the better.”

The latest edition of Algarve Golf & Property Magazine includes a wider selection of Algarve properties currently for sale across all price ranges, market reports from property experts based in the region and tips for potential buyers looking to invest in the Algarve.

Meanwhile, publishers The Resident Group announced that the most comprehensive guide to the Algarve’s golf courses, Algarve Golf Guide, is now available for download from their website, while the magazine includes a more concise, yet extremely informative and practical, guide.

The golf section of the magazine also includes the latest golf news, an interview with Pestana Group directors about the recent takeover of the Vila Sol Complex, a review of its golf course and all the events taking place on the Algarve greens.

Inês Lopes said: “We really pride ourselves in being the only publication of its kind in Portugal. It is an essential guide to the Algarve’s golf and property markets.”

Algarve Golf & Property Magazine, priced €2.50, is available from most outlets across the Algarve and free in selected distribution points.