Algarve goes nearly one week without Covid-related deaths

No Covid-19 deaths were reported in the Algarve between March 4 and 10.

According to data from health authorities, the month started with zero deaths on March 1 followed by five Covid-related deaths on March 2 and 3. However, since last Thursday (March 4) no new deaths linked to Covid have been reported.

The news comes at a time when Portugal is preparing to emerge from its second lockdown since the start of the pandemic.

The number of new cases in the Algarve has been fluctuating daily although generally it has been decreasing. On Tuesday (March 9), only four new cases were reported.

The number of people hospitalised in the region is also dropping. A total of 36 people infected with Covid-19 are receiving care at Faro and Portimão’s public hospitals, while 10 are in intensive care units.