Algarve goes carnival crazy!

CARNIVAL IS an age old tradition deeply rooted in Algarvean culture and celebrations this year promise to be as lively as ever.

Loulé Carnival is the largest and most popular celebration in the Algarve and the festivities will be taking place on February 18, 19 and 20 from 3pm onwards. A parade featuring 17 carnival floats will be taking place in Avenue José da Costa Mealha. The theme this year is the golden whistle scandal involving football referees that is currently engulfing the national football scene. Expect to see giant caricature models of the key public figures involved and lots of music and colour!

The Loulé hilltop village of Alte will be hosting celebrations on February 18 and 20 and Quarteira’s Avenida Marginal will be the setting for various festivities on February 17, 18 and 20.

Street processions will be taking place in Paderne on February 18 and 20 from 2pm. Meanwhile, in São Brás, party day is February 20, with celebrations taking place in Avenida da Liberdade.

Children’s carnival

Tavira’s carnival celebrations will centre around Rua do Cais and Rua José Pires Padinha, taking place on February 18 and 20 from 2.30pm.

Children’s carnival parades featuring toddlers and primary school children also feature in the celebrations. Loulé’s children’s parade takes place on February 16 between 9am and noon in the main street, while in Faro, on the same day, the children’s parade begins at 10am starting from Jardim Manuel Bivar and ending at Praça da Pontinha.

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